AntiSemitism and Hate – Poem

Hate. Hand with clenched fist on dark background. Power, determination, resistance concept.

By Nick Leininger

Most Nazi’s wish they had eyes like me

Green with envy
The alt-Reich is feeling blue
They don’t see what I see
Things aren’t always what they seem
An equal fare can never be fair
Fair skin doesn’t change a person’s worth
Here’s a penny for your thoughts
Hate isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s for the heartless
The karmic Ferris wheel turns at the pace of its passengers
I ask God for peace but am by no means a pacifist
I only implement my creative violence in self-defense
Build the fence so we can knock it down
The pen is mightier than the sword, luckily I’m proficient with both
My mother prayed for me to look white
Because those of the darker shade are preyed upon
I want my kids to look ambiguous
That way no-one will ever know where they’re “from”
Most Nazi’s wish they had eyes like me
I see them for the cowards they really are
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