#5 – Intuition – Listening To Your Heart and Mind

Listening to the heart, listening to the mind. In this episode of SMARTalks, we learn more about this – Intuition, listening to the heart.

בבינת הלב – Intuitive Understanding,

Intuitive understanding is an intuitive understanding of the underlying reasons for the laws.

בשכלות הלב – Discernment of The Heart

  • Dis­cernment connotes careful analysis of one’s studies in order to understand its implications

In the words of R. Isaac of Toledo, he must bring his heart to his study, so that from what he learns, his understanding can go on, beyond – “for whoever reviews his study with the participation of his mouth but not his heart, is like the birds that twitter.” R. Isaac adds from his text בשכלות הלב with the heart’s intelligence — that he should seek to question what he learns, then to find answers, until his understanding is thorough.

Core Ideas within the lesson:

  •  – Listen to your intuition.
  •  – Explore the underlying reasons or issues
  •  – Conduct Careful analysis
  •  – Listen to your mind and your heart

Link: Article in Entrepreneur.com

Go With Your Gut: How to Use Your Intuition to Succeed in Business
By Lewis Howes

Follow your vision.

  1.  – Be mindful.
  2.  – Trust your gut.
  3.  – Pay attention to your dreams.
  4.  – Tune in to synchronicity.


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