E14 – How Can We Create a Culture of Learning?

במשנה – {knowledge of} Scripture, Mish­nah.

  • Scripture and Mishnah are prerequisites for success at Torah since they are the foundation of Torah knowledge (Midrash Shmuel). Since Mishnah is the basis of the Oral Law, only one with a broad knowledge of Mishnah can properly engage in Talmudic debate (see Sanhedrin 42a).

We not only have general knowledge but also that knowledge we gained through so many years of study. This knowledge not only comes from studying Judaic texts or Talmud or Mishnah, there is knowledge that is gained by going over these texts over and over again. Every time you read it, you discover something new.

For example, you have attended Passover since childhood but over the years, you learn something new, a deeper nuance of something you already knew, every year forward, right? This knowledge is what makes you identify yourself, how you connect with something about Judaism.

Find out how we can create a culture of learning in our midst from this video!


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