Top 10 – Jewish Pop Music Mashups


We love popular songs, but what about songs about us Jews? Sure we have the dreidel song, which is a classic, but we need more to keep up with all the other religious music. So our people have taken to the interweb. We have blown up the internet with all of our fun covers and Jewish-themed renditions of pop songs. Here are our favorites!!

10. Let Us Go (Let it Go parody) by Blau Bright Productions

This is our 10th pick, just because, moses isn’t as musically inclined as our other Jewish friend Idina Menzel. Frozen is the most popular Disney movie of the decade and it is so great to see a Jewish parody of a song little kids completely adore. This is the best way to get your cousins enjoying these Jewish parodies just as much as we do!


9. What Does Your Mom Say? (What Does the Fox Say parody) by Jew-Z

A few years ago when Hannukkah and Thanksgiving were on the same day, every Jewish mother spent hours kveling before she started cooking and nagging her children. This hysterical song isn’t as popular on youtube as some other mashups, but it deserves to be.


8. I’m Taking Off (Shake it Off parody) by JEWBELLish

This clever song doesn’t get enough credit for how fun it is. It connects to the more religious Jews, and does a great job of explaining why holidays and shabbat are so special to those who follow the religion.

7. Bar Mitvzah Rap- Drake

It loses a few points just because it takes 3 minutes of acting (still great don’t get us wrong) to get to the rap to the tune of Hava Nagila. But the rap is a great description of what it’s like to be half Jewish. We love you Drake! You’re our favorite Jewish rapper!


6. Dayenu (Coming Home/Forget You parody) by The Fountainheads

The fountainheads got very creative with this Passover parody. They put themselves in the desert, and put their heart and soul into the song.


5. Les Miserables- Passover by The Maccabeats

This fun play on the popular musical Les Miserables is a great way to jam out while preparing Passover dinner. They play out the Passover story and use Les Miserables as the soundtrack for it. The video was docked a few points because it technically isn’t a mashup, but a great song none the less.


4. Watch Me (Spin/Drey-Drey) by Six13

Even though Watch Me (the original) is a song we love to hate, this fun cover, and mashing it up with Drake’s Hotline Bling makes it so much better!


  3. Latke Recipe (Shut Up and Dance parody) by The Maccabeats

 In case you haven’t already noticed, this is kind of a shrine to The Maccabeats. They make so much fun Jewish music that is so clever. Their latke recipe is fine, but we know our grandma’s is better.


2. Jewish Rock of Ages by Aish

This awesome cover goes one further. It doesn’t just cover 1 song, but 8 songs, taking us on a Hanukkah journey through the decades.


1. Candlelight- Hanukkah by The Maccabeats

  This is it, number one, the song that started it all. Back when this song hit youtube in 2010, it became an instant hit, at least for all of us Jews.


Agree with us? Did we miss anything? What is your favorite on this list? Is your favorite one not on the list? Let us know in the comments below!



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