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What role does positive affirmation play in your life? If you’re like most people, you’re too busy running around to have even considered this question. But positive affirmation can be invigorating and restorative, says Brianna Greenspan, who has recently written an invigorating coloring book about the use of positive affirmation to transform an individual’s life.

Encompassing beautiful images and quotes from inspirational community leaders, this is not your ordinary coloring book. What began as a small passion project, The Miracle Morning: Art of Affirmations is now selling #1 in hot new crafts on Amazon. Click Here Greenspan’s goal with this book is to “inspire others to come alive through mindful artistry.”

Born with Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome, a chronic invisible illness, Greenspan remembers having spent most of her life in and out of hospitals. “It hurt to be alive,” she remembered. Greenspan saw that the limitations her medical team concluded simply didn’t match up with what she believed was possible for her future. She explains that she did not anticipate just how influential the simple use of words had on her future until she started speaking of a positive and pain-free life. The condition she was living was not what she wanted, so she found the psychological management tools to make her stronger. “I began using positive affirmations and putting an extraordinary effort and maintaining unwavering faith in the process,” she said. “The results were so impressive, it propelled me to continue along my wellness journey.”

The Miracle Morning: Art of Affirmations was created as a positive psychology tool to inspire passion-filled conversations amongst families. Greenspan explained to me that whatever you say or think is what you become, so positive affirmations are a necessity to get to where you want to be. Whether this is negative or positive, you create your life. How often do you need to use these positive affirmations until you change your thinking and see results? Greenspan says the answer is ten thousand times. Ten thousand times to change your subconscious thinking: you need to hear, think, read, or say something a whole lot before you can believe it to be true.

“I believe that one of the smartest choices you can make is to be informed about what role your subconscious plays in your future, and it’s important to be mindful of the words that we say to each other,” she said. “It’s also important to be mindful of the words that we say to ourselves.”

In The Miracle Morning, there are numerous inspiring and motivating quotes and words on each page along with pictures to color in. “If we allow ourselves to speak with passion and kindness from a mindful place we allow our creativity to come alive and for our purpose to truly shine.” Some may ask how a coloring book could be so transformative in reinforcing positive affirmations. Greenspan exclaims, “Coloring requires you to be mindful which opens you up to receiving the wisdom that you are focusing on.” You absorb what is written into your mind, so the coloring book brings about reading mindfulness, creativity, and healthy affirmations.

The goal of the coloring book is to help readers create a vision board: a space where you are free to decide specific words and images you want to hang up on your board to be seen as a daily reminder. “When you see your beautiful works of art being displayed around you either on your vision board or on a desk or a wall you immediately feel the way that you felt while coloring. If you’re mindfully coloring, and you create a mindful artist practice every time you walk past your beautiful work of art, you feel mindful again.”

In our interview, Greenspan shared that she knows a professor who would have their law school students color for ten minutes before the start of class to create that mindful setting. (This sounds like a magnificent way to start your day and why didn’t my professors do this?!) I can’t think of someone who wouldn’t enjoy unwinding and focusing on their true passions by coloring before the start of a stressful day.

As Millennials, we all feel a burden to do and be something exceptional. We are swamped with work and school while trying to keep up with our social lives. We sometimes let the stresses of our everyday life take over but it is essential that we don’t let go of what’s important and really focus on a mindful way of life.

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But the Miracle Morning is not just for us Millennials but for all ages, even toddlers. When using the book, parents can create conversations regarding concepts in the book, and this will lead children to the discovery of their passions, while encouraging positive practices.

Impressively, Greenspan -A 2015 recipient of the Jews for Judaism Award- conducts coloring parties all the time. “Having a coloring party is great because not everyone is always open to discussing their feelings.” Future coloring book parties are going to include different activities. Greenspan says they will have a mindfulness expert do a guided meditation and musicians such as Brotha James who helps people connect their passions and purpose through music. Virtual coloring parties are to come, where a coloring party will be live streamed all over the world.

All of the strenuous doctor visits, surgery and pain Brianna, endured did not stop her from creating the life that she wanted. Brianna recently competed in her first 10k and hiked Half Dome! Brianna is living proof that when you believe in positive affirmations, you can transform your life. Not being able to do one thing doesn’t mean you are prevented from doing everything. With the right mindset, an individual can overcome obstacles and create and do awesome things. Taking even just ten minutes a day to focus on your passions and what you want from life is important. Because as Brianna would say, what you think you believe and what you believe you become.

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