17.2 My alarm clock

Snoozing has been the talk of the town lately; with new research showing that excessive snoozing actually slows down your day! Even before, one of the most common American idioms has been “you snooze, you lose,” creating a connection between laziness and missed opportunities. Is it possible that this is just another modern concept born of ancient Jewish practices?
Discipline with sleep hours is a trait shared by some of the most successful CEOs and business influencers. Hours dedicated to restful REM sleep, consistency and accountability to proper sleep, and a textbook no snooze (ok, maybe one) policy. Sluggish starts to the day don’t lend themselves to energy, clear thinking and success.
But what are these already successful CEOs waking up so early for? They have assistants, baby-sitters, maids, drivers and any other potential hire to help with the tasks, errands and responsibilities that a majority of us handle on our own! Though we’d think that they can “afford” the snooze… or to just wake up late all together, we’re reminded that moderating your sleep isn’t actually just about having time for your work, but its also about attitude, drive, and mental health. For them, it isn’t always about long work days, rather full and healthy days.
These most successful CEOs have their habits and schedules carved out, and they know what it takes to optimize their time and energy. Interestingly enough, many of these CEOs have a morning routine that serves as the foundation for their successful days, often including a morning meditation! More on that to some in our posts this week…

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