19.3 Jews in Comedy

Laughter connects people.

Ever wonder why there are so many Jewish comedians? Can’t say there is any one answer, but it isn’t too outlandish to believe that a history of persecution, displacement, exile and genocide has created a priceless value around enjoying the fleeting good moments of life, and creating enjoyment out of the mundane. Is it possible that our dark history has inadvertently empowered us to take light hearted approaches to life wherever possible?

As modern Jewish culture in the US is often synonymous with humor and comedy, there is a lesson and tool for all future CEOs and team leaders to consider. Happiness, wittiness, laughter and joy are vessels, mediums. They are a means to survive and achieve, not the goal or the end-game.

When the workplace can be mundane, uninspiring, and strict, how will you infuse the very Jewish value of laughter into your company culture to drive better short term happiness, and long term success?

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