19.5 Shabbat + Laughter

What’s an incredible way to show thanks and gratitude, on this Thanksgiving Weekend? To recognize the gifts you have been given; everything from your job, your community, your education, to your family, your home, and your upcoming Vegas trip. Lucky for us, the Jewish Calendar has carved out a weekly time to decompress, and focus on the greatest gifts we’ve been given, and to put yourself among people and things that make you laugh…

There is no better time to practice being light-hearted, than Shabbat! Use these 24 hours to avoid conflict by using jokes, not get frustrated by not taking things too seriously, and proactively doing and saying things that create a fun, peaceful and elevated environment. Whether at the Shabbat Dinner table with family, sitting around the coffee table with friends, or a relaxing brunch on Saturday morning after a deep meditation on gratitude, Shabbat is the perfect weekly reminder that laughter and light are not just great tools, but are an expression of gratitude as well.

To indulge in happy moments is to recognize that you have been given that moment, and not take it for granted. To make someone laugh, is to bring light and comfort to someone’s world, and spread the joy.

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