20.1 Overcoming Frustration

Success is fraught with frustrations, so what does Jewish Wisdom say about overcoming those frustrations and keeping your eye on the prize?

This week’s posts will explore a variety of insights based on Jewish teaching and culture, about frustration, hard work, and success as the end-goal. Different perspectives and MO’s still always point to one core teaching – do not let your frustrations distract or dissuade you from what you set out to do, your original mission. When you’re clear with yourself on what your goal is (i.e. getting a promotion, securing a loan, signing a new angel investor etc), it makes the hard work, the frustrating moments, and any ‘failure’ easier to accept as a fleeting moment, a part of the journey not meant to hinder you.

Frustration is a real and powerful emotion, that has the power to throw us each off track. This week’s posts offer us different perspectives and tools on how to address and accept our individual frustrations so that we’re authentic with ourselves, how to let the emotions go so they don’t veer us off track from our goals, and to be conscious of leaning on our built-in community and support systems to put the week’s frustrations into compartments in our brains, so it doesn’t spill over into our social lives.

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