20.2 Failing Forward

Ever heard the term ‘Failing Forward’? Its a secret of some of Forbes and Fortune 500’s greats, that failure isn’t so bad as long as you a) get back up, and b) use the lessons learned to continue working towards your goal. But long before Steve Jobs and Elon Musk failed until they succeeded, King Solomon shared wise words on the topic too, when he said “The righteous person falls seven times and gets up.”

But how does this quote share a perspective on frustration?

Falling, failure is oftern the cause of symptom of great frustration in the work place– though what sets winners apart, is how they get up. Do they rise, with their eyes set forward and ready to try again with a smarter take? Or does failure beat them, and rob them of their drive to continue on their mission? Even the Jewish Sages knew that the best of people (i.e. The Righteous Person) will face obstacles on their ascent to greatness, and that the trick wasn’t in whether they fell or failed… rather it was in their mentality and attitude once they got up.

The frustration of things not going as hoped or planned is inevitable, but you can control whether you let it hold you back, or just view it as a step in the journey.

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