20.4 Anger and Frustration

Ever heard that “When the wise man gets angry, he stops being wise”? This Jewish Proverb says it all – when you let the emotion of frustration hinder you, you lose sight of what sets you apart; you lose sight of your goal. Frustration, like anger, is an emotion that is temporary.

While emotions are fleeting (they come and go quite quickly) and are very personal, your goals are a lot more impactful in the world. For example, are you set on starting a business? Not only will you be filling a service need in society, but you will likley also be employing people and supporting the economy. Are you pulling long nights to get a promotion at the law firm you’re with? Not only will you have more resources to help more people, but you’ll also likely become a mentor to others working their way up as well. Are you trying to become a journalist? You’ll be the person standing between the truth and the masses! Should fleeting emotions get in the way of these goals and achievements that benefit so many people, in the end?

Naturally, humans are ruled by all sorts of emotions and frustration and anger are inevitable. Let these emotions come and go (dont let them linger!) by learning to lean on people you trust, self-love (like a massage or a pastry), or mindfulness tools like meditation or a work-out, to help carry you through the emotion. What is your favorite tool to get through angry or frustrating moments?

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