21.4 Lessons > Feelings

Yesterday’s post explored how incredibly strong the feelings and emotions surrounding anger and grudges as, and how quickly they can overpower us. After all, they are instinctual and hard-wired after years of evolution.

Giving validity and legitimacy to these feelings is vital (do not sweep them under the rug), but one thing better than being wronged and forgiving easily is harnessing hte experience for your own professional and personal development. Whatever or whoever wronged you, is also a teacher for how you will move forward. After all, it won’t be the last time you are in a position to forgive!

Draw lessons from your low-times, and use them as a platform for how you’ll continue to build towards your goals! Did you hire the wrong marketing assistant, because your cousin mislead you when recommending them? Instead of holding a grudge against that cousin, take note that you can’t trust their professional advice (or any advice!), let it go, and focus on professional recommendations when hiring in the future. Did your colleague take credit for the report you spent hours working on, because you have your eye on a golden promotion? Instead of harboring anger towards them, learn to set professional boundaries with them, communicate with your boss in creative ways, be more thorough when considering work-place friendship that have blurry lines. Perhaps you could have seen it coming… and it certainly won’t happen to you again.

So what are we basically saying? Being wronged sucks, forgiving is difficult, what you make of the situation is what set you apart and propels you forward, so don’t waste brain space on bygones. Upgrade your life to less drama, more learning.

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