The Country of Unification


There is a place of only 20,770 square kilometers. It is surrounded by countries in turmoil, yet it stands resolute. It stands as a pinnacle of peace, and for many a symbol of hope.  Israel was a dream of thousands less than eighty years ago, and today Israel encompasses the dreams of millions.

The idea that I am spending this year living amongst remarkable people is unimaginable. Israel is unique in that every person has a story. What another country can you find people of so many different countries and backgrounds all living together. The best part is you can see the unification EVERYWHERE. In Jerusalem simply make your way to the the Kotel (the Western Wall). You will see people of all backgrounds, denominations, and religions. The Kotel is a symbol of hope;  it is a way of connecting to G-d. As one comes closer towards the wall you can hear the cries of strangers as they pour out their hearts, and the whispers of Hebrew, English, french, and countless other languages, for people have all come to this one place to connect. Travel just an hour west of Jerusalem, and you will find yourself in Tel Aviv. Before, Tel Aviv was “the NYC-of-Israel” it was literal mounds of sands; now Tel Aviv has reached heights beyond the founders greatest dreams. Tel Aviv is the epitome of Israel being a melting pot. In Tel Aviv, you can find people who have come from all over the world to live on its vibrant, thriving streets. From its beaches to its tech centers Tel Aviv contains it all. Every place you go in Israel you can find the unification of people, all you have to do is look. Every place has a rich history and unbelievable story.

Come here, experience it for yourself; go to as many places as you can while you are her. Most importantly, listen to the streets share their story.


Anna Kaplan