The Miracle of Israel


Chanukkah has a different significance at every age: at four it means playing dreidel, at fourteen it means presents, at twenty-four it means socializing with friends, and by forty it means family. Every generation of the family gets involved in their own way. It is a remarkable sight to see people of all ages huddled over the menorah to spread the light and remind us of the miracle of Chanukkah. In Israel you are not just celebrating the miracles of the past, but you are also celebrating the miracle of the present – Israel itself.

Menorah made from Kasam rockets. (Sderot, Israel), Anna Kaplan

A menorah made from Kasam rockets in Sderot, Israel: Anna Kaplan

This picture represents just that. I am in a country that shares the light with every single person. In times of distress, this country comes together like one big family. Whether it was during the war two years ago or the fires in Northern Israel last month; what affects  one Israeli citizen, affects every Israeli citizen. This picture is a menorah made of Kasam rockets that were shot at the city of Sderot from terrorists in Gaza. Situated less than a mile from Gaza, Sderot is an incredible city with remarkable people. The citizens  there live a normal every day to day life, just like you and me. Even when they are faced with destruction, they fight it by turning it into art.

The beauty and miracle of Chanukkah in Israel does not stop there. As you walk past the bakeries that hug the streets wherever you go, sufganiyot greet you with a smile. As you walk past people, you can sense their happiness; the anticipation of Chanukkah hangs in the air. In Israel the schools have vacation and families take trips all over the country. From Har Hermon to Eilat, they embark on lighting up the holiday by lighting up the country.

People say if you roam the streets of Jerusalem at night the light from the countless menorahs will be enough to light you up from the inside out. Therefore, my tip to you is get to Israel for Chanukkah at least once in your life.

Come here, experience the light and spread it throughout the world.

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